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Bryan Adams live!


A chance to fly over to Barcelona for the night and see Bryan Adams live in concert with VIP tickets. Wednesday 11th December 12:00 Pilot’s Briefing Son Bonet 13:00 Depart for Barcelona Heliport 1.8 hours 14:45 Arrive LEPB, Barcelona Heliport 15:30 Check-In 4 Star Hotel 18:00 Dinner in Barcelona 20:00 Bryan Adams Concert Thursday 12th December 12:00 Pilot’s Briefing Barcelona Heliport 13:00 Depart for Son Bonet 1.8 hours 14:45 Arrive LESB, Son Bonet Prices: Per R44, 2 people € 4,499.00 Per pilot, € 2,250.00 Includes: • 3.6 hours R44 flying • Landing Fees Barcelona Heliport • 1 night 4 star hotel in centre of Barcelona • Evening Dinner • VIP Experience Tickets Bryan Adams Concert • Transport to and from the concert • IVA (21%) Information and Booking:...



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